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0001121aMuleSharedfilespublic2007-06-07 13:382008-02-22 03:15
0001121: some part.met file not compatible to emule 0.45 or above
my english is poor so try to "guess" my meaning
some .part and .part.met file can import without rehashing from amule to emule and from emule to amule ,but others must be rehashed after importing.i like to use emule,but when i switch to linux sometimes,i need to rehash some of the downloading last,i use amule both in linux and windows.i don't mean that amule should the same as emule,but though emule is open source, i think amule can make this problem out easy. in addition, emule 0.45 and above use known2_64.met to store downloaded file's information,and emule 0.47 or above can download files more than 4GB.when i import this part file into amuel,it report that the part file is uncorrect and can't import
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2007-06-08 11:01   
At least some of these issues are resolved in developmental versions and the soon(TM)-to-be-released aMule 2.2.0.
Could you please try to use a current developmental snapshot ( and tell us which problems still happen?
2008-02-22 03:15   
The rehashing issues should be fixed in current SVN. Please let us known if you have others problems.