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0001146aMuleExternal Connpublic2007-07-18 16:032008-08-30 13:11
0001146: Very unstable "content" in connection from amulegui(win32) to amuled(linux)
Since a very long time I use amuled and amulecmd/amuleweb.

Though this problem is very old to me, I now finally decided to open up a ticket here. It basically happens if I want to connect a amulegui on win32 to the daemon running on my router.

I understand that while using svn-revisions, the rev of the amulegui.exe should match the rev of the daemon to work.

Anyway, the problem is that the gui "tcp connects" successfully, and receives the list of servers - but thats all.

Ocassionally - everything works right out of the box. But most of the times the transferwindow and everything else (download rates, Queue lenghts etc) stay at 0.

Sometimes I have to start amulegui about 20 times until it really "connects" to the core and receives updates. 19 times it just connects, shows the list of servers but nothing else. Interestingly, it works perfect with the list of servers - but with nothing else.

I already checked and observed this behaviour over many many releases. I wondered if I'm the only one suffering from that behaviour.

Right now i'm using the amulegui.exe from 20070520: [^] with the current svn (20070717).
The same problem happens with 20070520-gui connected to a 20070520-daemon.
Same problem with --debug and without --debug compilation of amuled.

Notice: I never compiled amulegui(win32) for myself. I do not have the VS to do this.

I will check the amulegui on linux if it suffers the same problem tonight.
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2007-07-18 22:32   
I tested the "local" amulegui with a X server running on windows side - the amulegui works there perfectly.

So either this is a bug in the builds from, [^] or it depends on some windows quirk.

Any ideas?
2007-07-23 17:10   
Notice that you don't need VS to compile aMule, but the freely available mingw/msys.
2007-07-28 08:25   
I'm running aMule 2.1.3 on a SPARC Solaris 8 Platform and connecting with aMule-GUI through a NAT router from Solaris, Linux, OSX and Win32 without any problems.

Certainly, except the known issues exist like wrong download rates, no comments available etc.
2008-02-07 16:51   
Seems to be fixed with at least SVN 20080101 and GUI 20080129.

Although the list functions now work, there seem to be a flapping with the status in the status bar. Flapping between "1,07M Users, 20M files" and "0 Users 0 Files".

You may however close the ticket as the main problem seems to be solved.
2008-02-09 02:03   
(edited on: 2008-02-21 20:51)
i use amulegui on ubuntu and amuled on other pc (ubuntu-server) and i have the same problem.

20 Feb SVN version

edited on: 02-09-08 02:09

edited on: 02-21-08 20:51
2008-04-29 17:02   
I have the same issue with amuled running on an ubuntu server and amulegui.

I've tested the latest SVN (April 28th) and problem persists. I've reported it as a bug here: [^]

If I remove the file known.met, amulegui will connect correctly again. Can other bug trackers confirm this?

May the bug be related with this file?