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0001184aMuleTransferpublic2007-09-29 12:072008-05-11 18:36
Intel x86Ubuntu Dapper6.06
Ubuntu Dapper 6.06
0001184: kad-only not downloading files over 4gb in size
running amule with kad-only option, files that are over 4gb in size don't get downloaded at all... or very, very slowly (5mb over 1week)... I can see full sources being found, but no download is happening...

if I download some data when connected to ed2k server, everything works fine... but later if I switch to kad-only again, then I can't download again and all connections are used up for uploading...
1. launch amuled
2. connect to it via amulegui (winxpsp2)
3. add any ed2khash that is over 4gb in size

a) file will be added to downloads
b) full sources will be found with no download starting!
c) also kad search will not return files over 4gb in size
running with KAD-ONLY option
amuled (ubuntu6.06) + amulegui (winxpsp2)

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2007-09-29 12:09   
(edited on: 2007-10-01 17:15)
download of over4gb files IS WORKING with KAD-ONLY option enabled....

(but searching for over4gb still doesn't work with kad-only;))

edited on: 10-01-07 17:15
2008-05-11 18:36   
Fixed both ed2k and kad searches for >4GB files.