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0001343aMuleFeature Requestpublic2008-06-28 01:332011-12-06 16:52
0001343: File details in the web interface
In the web interface download queue we cannot change the file names, see their ed2k link directly.
I think a popup window with this kind of info , and some other more extended info (comments?) about the download would be really useful.
This kind of feature is actually really missed when you only use the web interface and there are some files that you want to rename, or some comments that you want to check about the file...
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2011-12-06 16:52   
see my patch attached to the 0001421 issue.

Just noticed that this one was more appropriate to attach my patch, but i don't want to duplicate contents and these 2 issues are totally related.

Kind of awkward talking about a 2008's issue, but i needed these feature me too and i though to share my solution :)
As the original reporter stated above, sometimes amuleweb is the unique way you'll have to remotely control your amuled. think about how many Android,ios, Windows Phone and tablets there are out there.
well, for Android someone developed MuleDroid ( ~ [^] ) but is totally out of sync with actual EC protocol. sometimes i develop for android , it wouldn't be so difficult to updates its sources (i already hacked them to build the app for my smartphone), but i think that improving amuleweb to be a total valid replacement for amulegui it should be a better idea.