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0001442aMuleGUIpublic2008-11-17 20:412008-12-27 11:29
Ubuntu 8.10 ('Intrepid Ibex')
0001442: aMule closes when last search tab is closed
When closing the last tab of the search window, aMule closes (process is killed) immediately without asking for confirmation ('Prompt on exit' is checked in 'Preferences').
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duplicate of 0001367resolved GonoszTopi When downloading something from the search list and then closing the search list, aMule crashes 
has duplicate 0001430resolved GonoszTopi aMule 2.2.2 crashes in Intrepid when closing all search tabs 
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2008-11-17 20:41avivNew Issue
2008-11-17 20:41avivOperating System => Ubuntu 8.10 ('Intrepid Ibex')
2008-11-18 15:34GonoszTopiRelationship addedduplicate of 0001367
2008-12-27 11:29GonoszTopiStatusnew => resolved
2008-12-27 11:29GonoszTopiResolutionopen => fixed
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2008-12-27 11:31GonoszTopiRelationship addedhas duplicate 0001430

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