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Linux (ubuntu)
0001600: amule crashed with SIGSEGV in wxMBConv::ToWChar()
Original bug report in ubuntu launchpad: [^]

Ctrl+Alt+Del after a screen problem with gl-117 and when I login again the crash message appeared

ProblemType: Crash
Architecture: amd64
Date: Thu Apr 10 14:32:11 2008
DistroRelease: Ubuntu 8.04
ExecutablePath: /usr/bin/amule
NonfreeKernelModules: nvidia
Package: amule 2.2.0~svn20080218-0ubuntu3
PackageArchitecture: amd64
ProcCmdline: amule
Signal: 11
SourcePackage: amule
 wxMBConv::ToWChar ()
 wxMBConv::MB2WC ()
 wxMBConv::ToWChar ()
 wxMBConv::MB2WC ()
 wxMBConv::ToWChar ()
Title: amule crashed with SIGSEGV in wxMBConv::ToWChar()
Uname: Linux 2.6.24-15-generic x86_64
UserGroups: adm admin audio cdrom clamav dialout dip fax floppy fuse lpadmin plugdev sambashare scanner tape users video

 Segfault happened at: 0x7f6a36e0b53f <_ZNK8wxMBConv7ToWCharEPwmPKcm+15>: push %r12
 PC (0x7f6a36e0b53f) ok
 source "%r12" ok
 destination "(%rsp)" (0x7fff40177000) ok
 SP (0x7fff40177000) ok
 Reason could not be automatically determined.
SegvReason: Reason could not be automatically determined.
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2010-05-12 19:15   
Crash is from an unsupported SVN version of 2.2.0 from over two years ago.
Current aMule version in Ubuntu is 2.2.6 !