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0001608aMuleServerspublic2010-07-02 13:522010-07-04 12:43
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0001608: amuleweb crashed with SIGSEGV in CSocketSet::Detected()
Original bug report in ubuntu's launchpad ( [^])

Here's an excerpt:

It crashed when I closed amule.
amuleweb 2.2.3-1ubuntu1 (not the last version but can be worth to check as the current code seems not to have changed too much)


#0 0x0000000000423c04 in CSocketSet::Detected (this=0x16107d0, func=)
    at ../../../../src/webserver/src/WebInterface.cpp:149
    socket = (struct GSocket *) 0x0
    fd = 0
    i = 2
Complete bug report at: [^]
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2010-07-04 12:43   
Just one line of backtrace is not enough to give a clue about the problem.
Also, current stable is 2.2.6.