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0001681aMuleMessagespublic2011-07-22 07:132014-09-08 22:50
bill lee 
0001681: A reimplemention of CLogger::AddLogLine discards DebugType
A reimplemention,
  void CLogger::AddLogLine(const wxString& file,
                    int line,
                    bool critical,
                    DebugType type,
                    std::ostringstream& msg)
discards the "type" when calling
  AddLogLine(file, line, critical, logStandard,
        cat.GetName() + wxT(": ") + char2unicode(msg.str().c_str()));
I think the "logStandard" should be replaced by "type".
This reimplemention is called frequently in UPnPBase.cpp so aMule logs a great amount of verbose debug log even if UPnP debuging is NOT enabled.
The code is in Logger.cpp:166.
BTW, this reimplemention does a check which is also done in
  void CLogger::AddLogLine(
        const wxString& DEBUG_ONLY(file),
        int DEBUG_ONLY(line),
        bool critical,
        DebugType type,
        const wxString &str,
        bool toStdout,
        bool toGUI)
So this check will be done twice unnecessarily.
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