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0000017aMuleSharedfilespublic2004-04-15 12:212004-07-18 14:39
0000017: stops working when >1000 shared files
I have over 1500 shared files, when I first start amule (without known.met) it will try to rehash all of them, and this causes the error "too many files open" after about 800 or so files, which will make any further operation impossible (subsequently amule fails to open any .met files and so on). Then I kill amule and start again; it will continue rehashing the files, i.e. the old rehashed information is not lost. So I have to kill and start amule several times until all my shared files can be successfully rehashed.
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2004-04-15 12:33   
(this happens using amule 2.0.0rc1 under Debian GNU/Linux)
2004-04-15 13:46   
weird, the rehashing should be serial, not paralell. Will be checked.
2004-05-09 18:29   
Maybe this is unrelated, but maybe not:
I had the same trouble with "too many open files" with 1.2.6 and prior versions, even if I had only few files shared but a lot of files (>500) in my download list.

I used to keep a list of files "to do" in my download list (in stopped state, of course) and resumed them manually.
The requestor "too many open files" or "could not append to ...log: Too many open files" were quite a nuisance, until I started ignoring the first one to pop open. amule would continue to run without problems even with such a requestor open.

Currently, I work around this by keeping a text file with all the ed2klinks and only about 20 files in the download list.

It seems amule doesn't always close files it's opening for hashing - regardless of the file being a completed, shared file or a temp file.

2004-07-18 14:39   
fixed on rc4