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0001714aMuleExternal Connpublic2012-03-24 01:162012-03-24 13:22
0001714: Faked User ID accepted (at least for files listing)
Seen in my logfile, today, using rev 10650, and Kad only (ED2K disabled)
"User mr (1) requested your shareddirectories-list"

AFAICT, 1 ( is obviously not a p2p user.
And of course I'm not using myself in any way.

Let's hope it's just a "display" problem only related to file listing...
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jpg buggy-mule.jpg (56,675) 2012-03-24 13:21
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2012-03-24 01:51   
I can now add that it comes from a low-id from an "Unknown Server" (IP and Name) (client is an emule 0.46c user with "Secure ident" : "verified ok")

The remaining question being : how could a server providing low id have an "unknown ip" ?

2012-03-24 13:22   
attached a screenshot showing what I found today in the UL queue.
it's probably related.