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0001716aMuleMiscpublic2012-04-08 00:002012-05-12 07:46
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0001716: src/libs/ec/cpp/ doesn't use standard *FLAGS for compilation
this has been reported in Debian at:

The hardening flags are missing for mkFileSum.c because the build
system doesn't use them.

The attached patch fixes the issue - but I'm not sure if it's the
best way, I have no idea why the build system use BUILD_*FLAGS
variables instead of just *FLAGS. If possible it should be sent
upstream (maybe in modified form).

Indeed at least all the other Makefiles uses either both BUILD_*FLAGS or just the standard CFLAGS LDFLAGS CPPFLAGS, but not the makefile for mkFileSum.c .

The patch attached simply remove BUILD_ from those flags, so that the standard flags are used (needed in Debian to pass additional compilation flags, for hardening binaries).

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diff libs-use-dpkg-buildflags.diff (1,103) 2012-04-08 00:00
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2012-04-11 16:52   
I committed the patch directly (the part modifying a versioned file at least).
Mind, this is just a little build helper tool we are talking about. It's not supposed to be shipped with a binary package anyway.
2012-04-11 21:30   
Stupid Mantis listing resolved bugs as "unassigned"
2012-04-29 18:24   
This patch is not only useless (mkFileSum is just a build tool), it also breaks cross compilation. See [^]