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0001774aMuleMiscpublic2017-01-20 00:132018-02-28 05:00
amd64Sabayon/Gentoo mix4.8.0 x86_64
0001774: aMule crashes on start at first or eats all ram and hangs
LiKe above: aMule crashes on start at first few times or eats all ram and
hangs after 2-3 minutes. Must be killed externally from terminal. This
behaviour is unrelated to the downloads or connections. /I have cleaned
all old files from Temp and Incoming folders./ The connections to the
servers and Kad are normal before hanging.
Always on start aMule keeps crashimg if I want to use Plasma widget to
minimalize. There is some incompatibility between Plasma5 and aMule...
Hanging is unrelated to the Plasma, I think. It happens always /after
switching off "minimalize" to the Plasma widget too/.
I compiled aMule-2,3.2 from SourceForge packages myself. The same
behaviour, no chamges. Unfortunately I have a new system /"bleeding
edge"/ so no reverting to the previous version aMule. I took 2.3.1
version .deb from Debian repository and unpacked it. I overwrought
/usr/bin/amule only and linked /fake/ to the It works! No hangimg! And I swifched off
"minimalize".. It works but it is still 2.3.1 version...
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? Terminal_exit (3,756) 2017-01-20 00:13
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I recompiled aMule (2.3.2) anew with wxGTK-2.8... and no hanging... so there is incompatibility between aMule and wxGTK-3.0. The widget is not working /as previously/.
I am happy...