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0001793aMulepublic2018-09-15 21:052018-09-15 21:05
Debian / Linux 9.0
0001793: Crashing about every 1.5 day.
Without any action from me,
Downloading about +/- 10 files,
Uploading about +/- 4500 files.
Just run it on Debian AMD 64-bit and wait.
Does this for at least 6 (but probably longer then 10) years now, in all existing and previous versions.
Every version has its own way of crashing.
The one I send you is also not always the same, but this one is very common.
I never send bug reports; this is my very first one after 18 year using Linux as my only OS.
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? Amule-crash-2018.09.15 (2,723) 2018-09-15 21:05
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