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0001801aMulepublic2019-09-08 11:412019-09-08 11:41
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linux 5.2.0-2-686-paedebian bullseye/sid/testing32bit
0001801: amulecmd discloses content of $HOME (files and directory structure)
using: amulecmd 2.3.2 compiled with wxBase(GTK2) v3.0.4 and Boost 1.67 (not the GUI)

running amulecmd inside a bash-environment. pressing [TAB][TAB] - while amule prompt is waiting for an amule-command - brings up bash-shell-extension to work
aMulecmd$ [TAB][TAB]
Display all 396 possibilities? (y or n) y

trying this with:
aMulecmd$ .BitTornado/ [TAB][TAB]
datacache/ icons/ ...
brings up the content of directory BitTornado/ ... etc.
maybe this is a feature without sense / or even a bug can't judge that.
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