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0001803aMuleUtilitiespublic2019-10-14 11:122020-05-18 09:36
OSX Catalina
0001803: needs to be updated for OSX Catalina no longer functions in OSX Catalina due to apple dropping support for 32bit applications. is essentially compiled apple script, however the binary that's currently in the Git repo only has PPC and 32bit support

Additionally, even if the original apple script is exported as a 64bit binary, it silently fails, which appears to be down to the use of tell application "System Events" to determine the path to ed2k. I suspect this is down to security changes in Catalina, and is easily worked around
Any attempt to download ed2k:// URLs will fail as the helper application ( isn't registered is basically just compiled AppleScript, the actual source code can be found in the below location and edited via the apple script editor, which can also be used to export a new .app file with the required 64 bit support

The below code, if exported from the script editor, doesn't require any special privilidges and restores functionality of the helper script (you may need to double click the new .app to register it)

on open location theURL --error reporting shouldReport

    set thePath to POSIX path of ((path to me as text) & "::")
    set ed2kProgram to thePath & "ed2k"
    set theCommand to quoted form of ed2kProgram & " " & quoted form of theURL
    do shell script theCommand

end open location

If exporting the above via the script editor, then the Info.plist in the new .app directory should be replaced with that from the original. Alternatively, the attached applet can be used to replace the original (You can use osadecompile to verify the code), although as it's was exported on Catalina, it only contains 64bit code so it may be better to export on Mojave, which I believe would produce a universal PPC/32bit/64bit binary
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2019-10-15 13:10   
There are now two attachments to this bug report, applet is the AppleScript compiled on OSX Catalina, which results in a X86_64 binary. The second attachment was created on Mojave and is a Universal i386/x86_64 binary, so will work on older systems

The version of applet currently in git is a universal binary supporting both ppc and i386, but not x86_64, so doesn't work on Catalina, which is 64bit only. As the new binary lacks ppc support, it won't work on non-intel (i.e. ppc) Macs, although I believed these shipped prior to 2006, so this may not be an issue
2019-10-16 18:41   
If anyone is wanting to use the attached applet on Catalina while waiting for something a bit more official, the following should hopefully get you up and running again.

* Download applet from the attachments
* From a finder window, browse to in the Applications directory, right click and select "Show package contents"
* Open up the MacOS directory, fine, right click and repeat the above
* Drag the downloaded applet file in to the MacOS directory of the ed2kHelperScript bundle
* Go back in finder to the contents of the bundle and double click on to register the helper, which should hopefully restore the ability to click and download ed2k links from Safari

From command line, you can simply copy applet to /Applications/ and then run the helper app (e.g. /Applications/
2019-12-02 15:35   
Revision 11028 (latest git code at the time of writing) has the applet updated. Please test.