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0001815aMuleGUIpublic2021-12-19 08:462021-12-19 08:46
0001815: Right click menu on tabs in Download section using Wayland compositor not working
Running aMule Git rev. on Manjaro Linux KDE Plasma desktop using Wayland as the compositor instead of X11. Right clicking on the tab in the Downloads section to filter the list of downloads (downloading, active, waiting, stopped etc) or to add a category does not allow selection of any options. Receiving the following error messages when run from a terminal:

Gdk-Message: 18:36:15.224: Window 0x5565bd4378d0 is a temporary window without parent, application will not be able to position it on screen.

(amule:10013): Gdk-CRITICAL **: 18:36:15.226: gdk_wayland_window_handle_configure_popup: assertion 'impl->transient_for' failed

Launch aMule under Wayland, go to the Downloads section, right click on the active downloads tab to add a category or change the view filter.
Was working fine when I was running Plasma using X11 a few hours ago. Issue only occurs since I changed to the Wayland compositor.
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