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0000019aMuleMessagespublic2004-04-15 12:302004-04-16 16:21
0000019: cannot switch between chat sessions
when several people chat to me, I can only see one chat session at a time. I cannot switch between chat sessions to see what another user said, although the tabs above the window suggest that I should be able to. When I send a message to some user, the window correctly changes to the chat session with that user. (using amule 2.0.0rc1)
 When I have several chat sessions and try to close several chat sessions one after another, amule sometimes crashes.
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2004-04-15 23:45   
seems to have disappeared in 2.0.0.rc2 - at least the look of the chat session is changed now, and I can switch between sessions.
2004-04-16 16:21   
Yeah. The chat-dialog was partially rewritten between rc1 and rc2 and this bug was fixed. Thanks for the report anyway and please keep reporting bugs. :)