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0000191aMuleSearchpublic2004-11-04 23:442005-03-22 20:02
MacOS X10.3.5
0000191: Close box on search results tabs doesn't work
In the search screen, you can't clear a search results tab by clicking on the x-box. However the context menu does work for this.
Run aMule.
On the Search screen, execute a search.
Observe the search results tab. It has a close box (a box with an X in it).
Click on the close box.
Observe no response to your click.
Control-click (right-click) on the tab to produce a context menu. Select Close Tab.
Observe that the tab closes. (Incidentally, observe that the tab left behind graphical junk.)
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duplicate of 0000174resolved ken search windows dont close using the x 
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2004-11-05 00:08   
On Mac, the calc. for the 'x' position is not still coded, it would take more time than I'm willing to waste right now ;) But any help is aprecciated.

P.S: On linux, if you create too much tabs, it fails also.
2005-03-22 20:02   
Closing duplicate issue.