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0000249aMuleMiscpublic2005-01-07 04:442005-04-24 15:33
0000249: On Mac, browers doesn't work
Browser selection doesn't work at all on Mac. Well, selection does, but running them doesn't.
There's some nice code hanging around since long time ago, now removed:

#ifdef __WXMAC__
         #if 0
         // Kry -Uh?
         wxString url1(url);
         if (url1.Left(5) != wxT("file:"))
                 url1 = wxNativePathToURL(url1);
         OSStatus err;
         ICInstance inst;
         SInt32 startSel;
         SInt32 endSel;
         err = ICStart(&inst, 'STKA'); // put your app creator code here
         if (err == noErr) {
                 #if !TARGET_CARBON
                 err = ICFindConfigFile(inst, 0, nil);
                 if (err == noErr) {
                 startSel = 0;
                 endSel = wxStrlen(url1);
                 err = ICLaunchURL(inst, "\p", url1, endSel, &startSel, &endSel);

Can someone make sense of it? ken?
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2005-01-07 14:16   
Mozilla Firefox works for me, Safari doesn't (Mac OS X 10.3.7)
2005-04-24 15:33   
In CVS, browser defaults to User Defined and Custom Browser defaults to "/usr/bin/open". This will launch the user's configured default browser.

Also, with wxMac-cvs, if the user sets Custom Browser to the path to the .app bundle (e.g. "/Applications/") it will work properly.

There's little hope of getting it to work on the Mac the same way it works on other platforms, where the user picks their browser from the pop-up menu instead of User Defined. That relies on the browser either being on the PATH or being in a well-known absolute location. The only browsers in well-known locations on the Mac are Safari and (*shudder*) Internet Explorer. We could add Safari to the pop-up, I suppose. For that matter, we could add an entry titled "Mac Default Browser" which maps to "/usr/bin/open" instead of the kludge I committed. However, that would require somebody with access to wxDesigner.