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0000032aMuleServerspublic2004-04-20 14:382004-09-20 23:48
urgentminorhave not tried
0000032: two servers bold in server list
if i'm right, when connected to a server, this server is bold in the server list.
So it cant be that 2 server are bold, but here, with last cvs, after reconnection (my connection was restarted) i had 2 server bold ! (dont know waht i can provide you to help you to fix (but, dont know if it will reproduce :))
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2004-04-20 20:24   
Suffered same bug here. I fully described it in SERV.4
2004-04-24 04:04   
Ok, I'm porting the SERV.4 description here, so I can free a little more space in the bug list ;-)

Sometimes two servers are in bold (as if aMule was connected to two servers at the same time), but the lower right corner shows correctly the server it's connected to and right-clicking the fake bold server doesn't show "reconnect" but "connect". Also, the aMule log never shows "Connection established..." on the fake bold server. More over, if the server which aMule is really connected to is disconnected and it connects to another, this other one will become bold and the other one will loose bold font, but the fake bold server will remain bold.
2004-07-18 14:48   
Fixed on 2.0.0-RC4
2004-07-18 15:03   
Seems to still happen on Mac
2004-09-20 23:48   
This should now be fixed on CVS.