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0000403aMuleTransferpublic2005-04-29 23:112005-10-31 22:51
0000403: clear complete button, don't work
Well, since a few week's i probe some versions of aMule CVS and, always have the same error.

When don't have any file complete, the button, clear complete, and the string on dialog menu when make rightclick on any transfer. Always is enable.
I think that if i don't have any file complete, this button
and the string "Clear complete" on the dialog menu, shall be disabled ... ┬┐no?

I tested on SuSE 9.2 wxGTK 2.5.4 with GTK
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2005-04-30 15:18   
Well, strictly speaking, you're right. Once it was that way, but it created too much mess around the code, therefore it is now left always enabled. Anyway, it doesn't do any harm.

Whenever we'll clean this up or find an easy (and working in all circumstances!) solution to how we should do this, it will be reimplemented again.
2005-10-31 22:51   
Fixed in CVS as of now.