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0000699aMuleUtilitiespublic2005-12-08 02:532005-12-09 23:45
0000699: crash when imporin from the imoprer tool with non-writable Temp dir
if the Temp dir is non-writable (stupd, but possible) adn the Import tool is used to import eDonkey2000 files, aMule will crash.
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2005-12-08 14:23   
2005-12-08 18:48   
i'm running on non-debug build this days because a RAM card died so I'm on 128MB only. So, no BT.

but it is always reproducible I believe, so just:

Download eDonkey2000 monolithic from website
search for anything
start downloading
close ed2k
chmod a-w ~/.aMule/Temp
start aMule
amule -> Import tool
import the ed2k files
2005-12-08 21:13   
A partial fix has been committed, so aMule will now refuse to run if the Temp directory is read-only. But what if it becomes read-only while aMule is running?
... we're becoming paranoid ...
2005-12-08 23:55   
Check has been fixed (and now also checks Incoming and ~/.aMule), but still doesnt check during execution ... should we?
2005-12-09 03:06   
actually, i noticed this crash because i mistakenly did chmod a-rwx instead of chmod a+rwx (scrolling through history I went one position too far :P)

while aMule itself handles this permissions change correctly, Importer tool doesn't.

Anyway, a crash is still a crash, so, whatever it is, no crashes should happen with aMule. Agree?

I do not ask to check for permissions on every write task. that' stupid. just to handle the exception silently.
2005-12-09 23:45   
Revision: 5988
Author: gonosztopi
Date: 2005-12-08 21:23:39 +0100 (Thu, 08 Dec 2005)