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0000710aMuleTransferpublic2005-12-09 10:072005-12-09 15:37
0000710: no expanded sources on completed files
I did a feature request on bug 0000671 which, actualy, was not in my name, but in the name of a guy in forums who couldn't speak english. But seems it deson't get into aMule (if it ever does), I believe there should be a check when expanding sources for files in transfers window;: if the file is completed, do not attempt to expand sources. I say so because it comes laredy to three the number of people who have asked in forums or irc "what the hell is that circle that appears when I double click a file" <- have in mind that win ppl expect dbl clikc to open the file, so they only try doule-clikcing completed files ;)
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