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0000715aMulePreferencespublic2005-12-11 07:422005-12-11 08:13
0000715: prefs -> general -> "downloadlist dblclick to expand" option is broken or something
[07:57] <Jacobo221> Kry: prefs -> general -> "downloadlist dblclick to expand" option is broken?
[07:58] <Kry> dunno. is it?
[07:58] <Kry> actually it expands whatever you do
[07:58] <Jacobo221> not sure. never noticed that option existed and just doesn't seem to work here if i understand what it does
[07:58] <Jacobo221> yes, that's what looks to me
[07:58] <Jacobo221> catually, is it needed? :D
[07:59] <Kry> I have been touching that code and saw no reference for that
[07:59] <Kry> and why in the world would that option exist at all?
[07:59] <Kry> is not like we do any other thing on double click.
[07:59] <Jacobo221> yes, that's wht I'm asking :P
[07:59] <Jacobo221> there is no other way to exapnd sources but dbl clikc so.. :D
[07:59] <Jacobo221> i vote for... erasion!
[07:59] * Kry shrugs
[08:00] <Kry> add a bug and assign to me.
[08:00] <Jacobo221> ok
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2005-12-11 08:13   

Subject: [aMule] [6032] Unused and absurd, fixing 0000715
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 08:32:02 +0100