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0000726aMuleFeature Requestpublic2005-12-13 15:492014-09-18 17:09
0000726: Statistics: free space vs needed space
eMulePlus (and probably eMule) has nodes in the statistics tree which contrast the total free space on the temp drive with the total needed space (that is, assuming all downloads would be allocated).

I have found these invaluable in the past, and it would be great if someone could port them over to amule.
Here are the names taken from [^]

// Total Size of Active Downloads
// Total Size of All Downloads
// Total Size on Disk of All Downloads
// Total Completed Size
// Total Size Left to Transfer
// Total Space Needed by Active Downloads
// Total Space Needed by All Downloads
// Free Space on Tempdrive
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2005-12-14 04:35   
Wa, poisoning aMule with eMul+?
2005-12-14 13:08   
More like sweetening, really.

The eMule+ code base is older and has seen a lot more development,
plus it has a greater user base. So it's just to be expected that there are
a lot of non-essential but helpful features in it which would also benefit
aMule users.
2005-12-17 11:11   
(edited on: 2005-12-17 11:12)
Sorry, but eMule+ code has seen way less development than aMule's one, and it's not older, it's newer.

Oh, and I like my userbase more than e+ one :P

edited on: 12-17-05 11:12
2005-12-17 15:21   
The emule+ code base is a fork of the original (emule) client, which pre-dates the xmule/amule, but came after mldonkey.

But that's just my memory. And I don't know any great details about any of these projects. So I very well may be off.

I was of course speaking of both eMule and eMulePlus. This feature is also found in the "official" emule client, and probably was there before the fork, though I can't verify that. Since the changes get merged back and forth between the mods it's rather a moot point anyway.

I still believe that with a greater user base they will see more feature requests and (most likely) more requests for features which are quite sensible and useful to many people (like this one :).

I don't think that's a bad thing..