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0000790aMuleSharedfilespublic2006-01-19 15:572008-02-24 01:47
PIVLinuxUbuntu Breezy
0000790: Amule rehashes the files that were completed in the previous sesion
If during an amule sesion there are some downloads completed, next time amule is started amule will rehash those downloads.
Those files are neither renamed nor moved from a folder to another.
Complete a download, restart amule, it will rehash that file.
My temp folder is placed in a ext3 partition. My Incoming folder is placed in a Fat32 partition.
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2006-01-20 11:04   
Is this something that just started happening, or has it been happening for a while? The reason I ask is that I just did some major changes to the code involved in among other things file completion.
2006-01-20 15:00   
It has been happening for a while. As far as I remember one or two months before 2.1.0 release it happened. Not sure, but this is not new.
2008-02-24 01:47   
This should be fixed on current SVN. However, if you still experience this problem, then please let us know.