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0000009aMuleMiscpublic2004-04-12 18:302004-04-15 13:38
0000009: amule aMule 2.0.0rc2 crashed when first run is stopped/closed
So here is what happens ...
I install amule ... then run it with 'amule' command ... it runns for while, i configure my preferences, and then i shut it down .. here is teh trace of emule shutting down ...

Signaling hashing thread to terminate
Preferences saving in /root/.aMule/preferences.ini
Hashing thread dying?
Hashing thread terminated, ready to shutdown
Shutting down aMule...
Save ServerCount = 0 /0x0/
Saved ServerCount endian = 0 /0x0/
Saving of server.met file Done !!!
aMule dialog destroyed
free(): invalid pointer 0x8524d98!
Now, exiting main app...
aMule shutdown completed.

(amule was in the middle of hashing the files in the shared folder)

anywyas, i noticed something queer [invalid pointer stuff] ... then i restart amule(with the command 'amule' as usual) and bang, i get teh following ....
[username@geronimo saves]# amule
Initialising aMule
Loading preferences from /username/.aMule/preferences.ini

OOPS! - Seems like aMule crashed

[0] amule(_ZN9CamuleApp16OnFatalExceptionEv+0x40) [0x81fff50]
[1] /lib/tls/ [0x40f6b218]
[2] [0xfb]


now i try again and again and it has failed to start (without un-installing andd reinstalling)
so , something wrong with my system or amule ?
OK, if i uninstall this version of amule and reinstall it, it will run for exactly one time . when i stop/close it and restart, the same error everytime .......... :(

aMule version: aMule 2.0.0rc2
Distro: Mandrake 10 Community
wxBase, wxGTK, wxGTK-devel installed from the website; libcryptopp downloaded from an reference(libcryptopp5).

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2004-04-12 22:27   
fat32 partition ?

if yes, take a look here plz -> [^]

2004-04-13 13:07   
Hi, Thanx for your help .. yes the temp and incoming directories are on a fat32 partition ..
I checked the link you posted .... I added the quiet option with my fat32 partition mount line in /etc/fstab ... still getting those messages ..
anyways, will wait for RC3 ......