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0000912aMuleFeature Requestpublic2006-06-10 07:522008-07-21 17:50
0000912: amuled logging capabilities
amuled should be able to write a logfile to somehere else than stdout or /dev/null.

If in a good mood, why not implementing it using syslog ?
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2006-06-10 17:15   
It does write to ~/.aMule/logfile
2006-06-13 19:51   
I was thinking of being able to specify another place for this via the config file or a command line option.

This would be pratical for moving this file to an appropriate file, for example /var/log/amuled.log
2006-06-15 10:53   
Also, amule core logfile managment have to be improved cause now, if logfile is truncated externally, amule is lost and don't log anything more.
I suggest in log procedure to check if logfile is still opened, in other case: reopen a new one, and continue logging.
Also, amuled could be aware of SIGHUP to re-read its config.
2006-06-17 23:35   
amuled creates an empty file (0 bytes) in /var/log/amuled.log
2008-06-29 09:42   
Same issue in 2.2.1: when amuled starts, it creates a new log file in ~/.aMule/logfile, renaming the old logfile to ~/.aMule/logfile.bak.

This is not a problem, but when starts, amuled also creates an log file in /var/log/amuled.log. This file is empty (0 bytes long) and amuled never write anything to it.