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0001015aMuleFeature Requestpublic2006-11-11 23:432008-02-22 03:23
ALL !!!
0001015: need crypted option
I live in France and my internet provider use router who filter packet to delete those who are made on emule in order to regulate or forbid use of the mule. This problem is known with all client of this provider (and one or two else provider) but only in non-degrouped zone (see additional info). It concern all platform.
So I need (and a lot of user too) a crypted packet option (like recently released on the latest version of Emule in the security menu).
This option has prove that he can help to restore a decent download stream.
Currently in France, not a few of telephone lines belong to the historical phone operator : France Telecom. In many of large city: lines are degrouped, physically, lines maintenance is done by FT, but data who travel on this line is done by the operator chosen by the client. The client pay only to the alternativ operator. In rural zone of France (like mine), lines are non-degrouped, so alt-operator rent the line and the client still need to pay to FT. Line aren't degrouped in these zone because alt-operator aren't sure to win money and take a lot of time before invest in degroupping work. So to decrease the bill of the line rent, alt-operator stop the P2P stream (who represent 80% of the total internet stream in france by night) to save money.
We fear that this technique spread to all operator in France.
This is a scandalous plan, but on the other hand internet provider are really competitive (I've a 8mbps down/1 mbps down + VoIP for 30 euro/month in a non-degroupped zone, in large city you can have 24mbps/3,5mbps + VoIP + TV for the same price).
I'm not the worst in this story, think to those who have only 512kbps and see their download stream reduce to 2 or 3ko/s.
Curretly it is 23h42 i'm at 1,7 ko/s, but it increase a little bit in night.
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2006-11-11 23:46   
8mbps down/1 mbps up sorry
2006-11-12 11:48   
Same bug as 0000964
2008-02-22 03:23   
Support for encrypted communication has been added to SVN.