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0001084aMuleFeature Requestpublic2007-04-20 08:382010-10-24 09:55
Debian Etch
0001084: show progress bar of completing/verifying download file
When a file is completely downloaded, it has the state "completing". The file is being concatenated/verified or something. On my Pentium III with a 700 MB file this procedure takes some 5-10 minutes, depends on the cpu usage and the file size. So I miss a progress indicator so I can astimate how long the completing will take to finish because I hardly can use the computer for other work then. That indicator could be at the place of the download progress bar and/or a percentage number on that place.
Whe it's not that complicated to implement, I would like that feature very much!
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2007-04-21 18:39   
it's an interesting request, but not that easy, as the hashing happens on a different thread.
2010-10-24 09:55   
Solved in SVN