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0001096: aMule uses up ALL resources at startup when there are many new files in the shared folder
I have a specific folder into which I download everything from different protocols (torrent, amule, soulseek, etc). I, for instance, I don't use aMule for a week, and during that week I did many downloads, the moment I startup aMule, everything freezes, sometimes for several minutes, because aMule is exploring the new files, and producing their AICH.
This whole process is VERY I/O intensive, since it has to read all that data from the hard drive.

My proposal is the following: Can't you divide the part of the code of aMule that scans files and produces their AICH code into another process, and give it a VERY low NICE? (Or, if we are in a Windows enviroment, a low "priority") This way starting up aMule would be less painful, and new files would be added progressively.
I'm using aMule 2.1.3, on Gentoo Linux (kernel 2.6.15).
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The hashing is already done on a thread and with the lowest priority.
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I'm marking this as "won't fix". As Kry pointed out, we already give the relevant thread the lowest possible priority, and moving the task to a seperate problem would just complicate the issue even further, and not help that much, as this is an issue of IO-scheduling rather than CPU-scheduling.