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0001112aMuleFeature Requestpublic2007-05-29 12:402007-11-18 06:06
0001112: enhance skin support and ship skins with tarball
Things which should be added:
- Pull-down menu for skin selection (also for webserver skin possible)
- zipped skin format
- some skins for the most popular platforms should be shipped with aMule, but not be enabled by default

Feel free to post more ideas.
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2007-06-18 18:49   
Partly resolved.

The skin selection is now easier and the two folder concept for skins is implemented.

As soon as I can bring myself to open the makefiles we can ship some skins with aMule.

(zipped skins are delayed for other things I want to finish before 2.2.0)
2007-07-21 09:55   
Skins are shipped with aMule for a few days and as so far there are no complaints I assume that they work fine.

Only zipped skins missing.
2007-08-13 19:29   
Zipped skins implemented, now break it. (See [^] for more information.)