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0001123aMuleSearchpublic2007-06-11 23:022007-06-20 20:27
Linux, Ubuntu 7.04
0001123: No kad sources are ever found/used on Ubuntu
Even if a kad search returns many results, NO sources are added from kad. The only sources added are those from server searches.

I'm using ubuntu 7.04, the problem is present in the CVS snapshot (I used 20070606).
I added some more traces around the code, and found that the method CFileDataIO::ReadTag does not properly fill the name property of the returned tag object.
The ReadString call inside this method does not convert the name to unicode. Name is tipically a 1char string, where the char is something like 0xFF / 0xFE, not a human readable "name".

I used this very dumb and broken code as a workaround, I'm sure that you can do better than this:

// name = ReadString(false);
            uint32 len = ReadUInt16();
            unsigned char val[len + 1];
            val[len] = 0;

            Read( (void*)val, len );
            printf("Tag len: %d Buf: %s\n", len, val );
            name= wxT("X");
            name[0]= val[0];

With this change, aMule CVS snapshot works like a charm.

( See [^] )
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