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0001139: aMule cannot copy to clipboard in KDE
Exactly as the title suggests, and I did several testings. I cannot copy ed2k addresses from files to the clipboard area. It affects KDE, and probably a few other different desktop environments, but only known not to work in KDE.
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2007-07-12 13:50   
There are two clipboards: One which uses a middle click to paste and a standard ctrl+v one. I don't use any DE and don't know how klipper interferes, but I guess it just uses the wrong clipboard.
2007-07-12 14:16   
(edited on: 2007-07-12 14:17)
The same behaviour can be observed running a amulegui.exe on Windows, remotely connected to a amuled running on linux.

It is not possible to copy+paste anything out of the GUI, not even using "Copy to clipboard"-feature.

It is however possible to insert from the Windows Clipboard with Middle-Mouse click to the input textfield at the bottom.

edited on: 07-12-07 14:17
2007-07-17 17:47   
Works without any problem at all. The _real_ problem is this that the copied contents is not activated, so I have to do it manually in Klipper.
2008-02-21 22:42   
This has now been fixed in SVN.