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0001150aMuleMulti Platformpublic2007-07-26 16:472012-03-06 23:36
ubuntu fiesty and ubuntu gutsy
0001150: cant see text in amule when using right-to-left gnome (for hebrew/arabic)
when the system language is hebrew (or other rtl probably) you can't see any text in the lists (this is the important text)
it's possible to mark the line of the text and double click it but you cant read it.
if you change the system language back to english you can read the text with no problem.

i have this problem with amule from fiesty and amule from gutsy on two different computers.

here is a screenshot: [^]
this is a screenshot of my shard files witch have 110 files and i've marked one of them but the text is invisible and i can't see the names.
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png תצלום מסך.png (88,656) 2007-07-26 16:47
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There's a bounty on for fixing this bug at: [^]
2012-03-06 23:36   
There's no longer a bounty on this bug. It was only $5 anyway.