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0001168aMuleUtilitiespublic2007-09-08 08:002007-11-18 00:54
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Debian Linux
0001168: amuled spoilts console
I start amuled from command line

stiv@zeuhl:~$ amuled

For some reason it gives some output and terminates.
When it terminates, my Enter key doesn't give me a newline in my bash:

Enter password for mule connection:
Now, exiting main app...
Killing amuleweb instance...
aMule OnExit: Terminating core.
Saving PartFile 95 of 95
All PartFiles Saved.
aMule shutdown completed.
stiv@zeuhl:~$ stiv@zeuhl:~$ stiv@zeuhl:~$ stiv@zeuhl:~$

So I have problems with bash after I've once started amuled.
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