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0000117aMuleMiscpublic2004-08-09 16:302004-08-09 21:16
0000117: Missing wxGTK headers on ChatWnd.cpp
ChatWnd.cpp fails to compile due to missing wxGTK headers.
The attached patch fixes the build.
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patch 06-ChatWnd_cpp.patch (441) 2004-08-09 16:30
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2004-08-09 18:36   
Thanks, I'll take a look at these patches in a moment. However, IIRC, a lot of these include issues have already been fixed in CVS, so would you mind taking a look at a CVS snapshot of the code rather than the rc5 sources? You can get the snapshots here: [^]
2004-08-09 20:14   
Oh, sure! I forgot to fetch the CVS snapshot!
I'll be doing that right now. Thanks!
2004-08-09 21:16   
Ok. =)
Thanks for the patches though and if you ever feel like doing more than just submitting patches, dont hesitate to join us at #amule @ ;)
2004-08-09 21:16   
Fixed on CVS.