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0001210aMuleSharedfilespublic2007-11-25 18:482008-02-21 16:51
Debian etch amd64 ($LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8) with wxGTK 2.6.8 (with unicode support)
0001210: amule can't read files with unicode-encoded name
I'm using amule CVS 20071125. I donwloaded a file with an unicode character in it's name ( à " ï "), amule wrote it on the disc without problem but when it tries to read it I have the following error :

2007-11-25 18:36:50: Logger.cpp(268): Erreur : Failed to retrieve file times for 'XXXXX' (error 2: No such file or direcory)
2007-11-25 18:36:50: FileFunctions.cpp(187): FileIO: Error on GetLastModificationTime from `XXXXX'
2007-11-25 18:36:50: CFile.cpp(147): CFile: Error when opening file (XXXXXX): No such file or direcory

Renaming the file with non-unicode characters only solves the problem...
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2008-02-17 02:08   
I've done some work to fix this problem, so please test current SVN and report back if the issue has been resolved.
2008-02-18 22:13   
Shure I will. I'm quite busy right now but I will do so in a few days.

Thanks for your time.
2008-02-19 10:03   
It seems to work.

By the way, I gave a try to wxMac 2.8.7 and there's a strange bug. Not all headers where available in include/unix/ . I had to cp them manually from the build path for aMule to compile. I dunno if it's an aMule bug (using file it should not) or a wx bug (no copying all needed headers when "make install")('wouldn't be the first time hehe).

For your information, the missing grids bug is still here in 2.8.7 (0001165) so as the strange resize behaviour (0001159).

See ya
2008-02-21 16:51   
Great. And thanks for giving us an update on those other problems.