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0001215aMuleSearchpublic2007-11-29 10:152008-01-06 17:21
0001215: cvs amule closes when last search tab is closed
I compiled amule cvs from 28th Nov 2007 under Ubuntu Feisty (7.04) on a G3 PowerPC and I have to be careful to always leave at least one search tab open because if I close the last search tab it crashes (exits) amule.
This is a long standing bug in amule that I'm sure you must be aware of but I just wanted to make sure the devs are aware its still present even on Linux/PPC. This is the only real showstopper preventing a 2.20 release that I've come across so far.
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This should now be fixed in current SVN, and by fixed, I mean worked around, since it's a wxWidgets bug. Thanks for the report, and please let us know if you still experience this problem.