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0001217aMuleSearchpublic2007-12-02 18:212008-01-06 17:20
Debian "testing" Lenny
0001217: Crash when click on closed button in searching panels
When you do a global research you open a Tab that contains the result.

If you click on the X button to close it, aMule is crashing.
My OS package are ok. (update downloaded each day.)

aMule was installed through synaptic manager.

I am not a good linux user, but if you tell me how to do, i can give you more informations about my system and wich packages are installed on my computer.

Sorry for my english, i am french !
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2007-12-02 18:26   
This problem seems to be the same as the number 0001212.
2007-12-02 18:34   
Ok, after other testing, a right clic then clic on close tab dont crash aMule.

The crash occurs ONLY on the FIRST tab in the list.
2008-01-06 17:20   
Thanks for the report. This should now be fixed in current SVN, and by fixed, I mean worked around, since it's a wxWidgets bug. Thanks for the report, and please let us know if you still experience this problem.