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0001218aMuleExternal Connpublic2007-12-03 08:172008-07-10 11:41
Ubuntu 7.10 Gusty
0001218: Kad nodes.dat blanked to 4 bytes
Everytime I try to download a nodes.dat from [^] or from a friend, aMule opens the KAD file and wipes it from around 4 KB to 4 bytes everytime. When I try to set the nodes.dat as a read-only file, I get this error: "CFile: Error when opening file location/.aMule/nodes.dat): Permission denied"

In the programming, there should be a way to keep the nodes.dat populated with IPs instead of wiping it near zero everytime.
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2008-02-17 12:43   
I would just add that the same issue occurs with openSUSE 10.2 on my x86 machine.
2008-05-03 12:44   
Should be fixed since 4.4.2008, at least the inability to load eMule nodes.dat files.
The problem with writing empty nodes.dat when connection is broken probably persists.
2008-07-10 11:41   
This should be solved now.