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0001254aMulePreferencespublic2008-02-03 23:192008-02-05 11:37
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Ubuntu Linux Hardy Heron 8.04 Alpha 3
0001254: Cannot change maxdowload limit
In preferences I change maxupload limit. When I restart amule, always is set to 28. I've tried to change in amule.conf, but it still the same.
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2008-02-05 11:37   
This is not a bug, it's a feature. In order to reduce leeching, the clients of the ed2k/kad network traditionally enforces certain restrictions on the ratio of upload/download. I'm guessing that you have limited your upload to 7KB/s, which results in a max download rate of 4*7KB/s = 28KB/s.

You can see more information here: [^]