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0001268aMuleUtilitiespublic2008-02-22 09:472008-02-23 12:00
Mac OS X
0001268: mac os x package for amulegui not created
problem is that even when configuring amule with --enable-amulegui you don't get a working amulegui app. amulegui is built but the mac_packager util doesn't create an amulegui package. [^]

probably a separate amulegui package template is needed so you get both after a make, the amule package, which is already there and an amulegui package.
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zip amuleGui (195,295) 2008-02-23 11:58
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2008-02-23 12:00   
a try for a modified mac_packager and a template for
i'm not sure if i included all needed libs etc in the packager, i just doubled and modified the things for amule. but at least i got a working amule and amuleGui so perhaps it's a help.