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0001283aMuleMiscpublic2008-03-11 04:262008-03-14 20:18
2.6.22-14-genericGNU/LinuxUbuntu 7.10
ubuntu 7.10
0001283: "Last Seen Complete" and "Priority" column display scrambled
The "Last Seen Complete" and "Priority" column display is all scrambled. All other columns are displaying all right. I attach a screen shot to this report.
It always shows. I also got another computer with kubuntu 7.10 with the same version of aMule and the display is OK.
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png Screenshot.png (378,287) 2008-03-11 04:26
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2008-03-14 20:18   
This has already been fixed in SVN, and is caused by you having resized columns to close to zero width. If you wish to hide any columns, then right-click on the column headers, and untick the columns you don't wish to see. That should resolve your problem for now.