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0001305aMuleServerspublic2008-04-22 07:532009-06-23 21:40
Linux 2.6.22 (Kubuntu 7.10)
0001305: Connection log flooding under certain circumstances
To reproduce:
When aMule is trying to connect to an ED2K server, go to the connection settings and uncheck ED2K network.

In my case, the pending attempt to connect ended up timing out after some time, and then the log was flooded with messages saying that ED2K was disabled and that no connection was to be made. One entry every second. So:

1/ I think that unchecking the ED2K network option in the settings should cancel any pending attempt to connect to a ED2K server.

2/ Anyway, it should not flood the log.
SVN April 20
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Appears to be fixed in current SVN, see [^]