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0001347: Random ports
Taking advantage of the UPnP feature, i think it would be nice to have random TCP and UDP ports on every amule startup.
I think i saw in the past, back when i was using Windows and eMule,... some mods that have this feature... use it or leave it the way it is with fixed ports... but i think, now, with the UPnP feature, we can have more privacity and more security with a random port feature....
The idea is this:

I usually set a different port for

in amule.conf

the idea is that, everytime amule starts up, he sets two random ports (between some range of ports) for this values, and then, UPnP map them..... and there you have, a different mapped amule on every startup...
┬┐What do we win? IMHO, security and privacy..... as this open back doors are changed randomly and oftenly (only every amule startup)
As this would be useful for this connections it would be stupid for web interface connections (obviously, you must know your web interface port before anything)

I would like to see how this feature works.
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I don't think this feature is useful, please use the forum for a discussion.