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0001354aMuleExternal Connpublic2008-07-04 06:162009-06-21 23:06
0001354: Unknown port message isn't useful
The message "Unknown port receiving an UDP packet! Ignoring" happens regularly. Unfortunately, it's fairly useless. It's sent to console, doesn't have date/time, doesn't say what port and doesn't say anything about the UDP packet. If the message was logged to the log file, which is time-stamped, and said which port, it would be much easier to track down what amule is complaining about.
Also, it should say "a UDP packet", not "an UDP packet".
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2009-06-21 23:06   
Message goes to log file in 2.3.

"an UDP packet" is correct English. And "unknown port" means port is zero, so printing it isn't helpful.