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Ubuntu to Windows Vista sp1
0001409: NTFS Temp dir = windows blue screen when accessing the file
Critical bug for amule users sharing a windows partition

amule 2.2.1-1ubuntu1

I use a ntfs partition for the temp directory of amule, so that I can download either from linux and windows.
There is a really big problem in this: when I use windows to resume dowloads started from linux I get a blue screen telling me of a "page fault".

I will test what happens when the download is finished. Maybe the file could still cause errors in windows!
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2008-09-21 02:24   
This is probably bug in Windows Vista ;). Crashing into blue screen on file access is surely OS fault. Regardless of anything else. System should be robust when dealing with file systems since file systems MAY get corrupted anyhow sometimes. If system crashes on file access, there is bug in system. I bet aMule team can't do anything with errors which happen in Windows Vista. You should ask Microsoft instead.

Hint: you may also want to check your disk for errors.
2008-09-24 01:13   
well... this would be correct if amule wasn't the cause of the crash...
or maybe this is a ntfs-3g bug...
2008-09-24 01:14   
ok, I will address it to ntfs-3g, maybe is their fault
2008-09-24 13:49   
Surely Windows bug can be triggered by someone else error (like ntfs-3g or just by occasional filesystem corruption). But BSDO due to (possibly incorrect) filesystem data is surely Windows fault.

Generally, in such scenario OS should just return "read error" status of operation to application or something like this. Crashing to BSOD is a bug.

So, really you probably should file bug to "Windows Vista" OS selecting component "NTFS driver" with description "NTFS driver could crash in specific scenario" but unfortunately it does not looks like MS provides bug tracker.