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0001417aMuleTransferpublic2008-09-21 12:382008-09-21 12:38
0001417: "Bind Address" and UPnP not working together
My system has several IPs for several devices and a few alias.

I have set amule to "Bind Address" to, an IP alias (eth0:0) for the main IP ( When I enable UPnP I get the ports open in the router but the ports are forwarded to the IP and not, as it should. The result is that no traffic gets back to amule.

When I set the router to forward the ports to the it works great.
I want the amule traffic to have a different IP so I can traffic shape it for low priority.

If amule had an option to set the DSCP to a given value (like ktorrent), it would be a better solution to help traffic shaping (I will open a feature request for this). Even so, UPnP and "Bind Address" not working together is a bug anyway.
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