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0001423aMuleMulti Platformpublic2008-10-09 21:542016-04-17 03:54
0001423: Add the possibility to not create sparse files
In a multi OS environment, where temp files are shared between more OSs it is a good idea to not use sparse files, so that OSs that are not as good as linux to use them are not penalized with crashes.
The only thing I request is to add an option to disable the creation of sparse files.
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2008-10-26 05:05   
There's already a pref setting (in Files): Preallocate disk space for new files. That should do the trick, although it will use the full disk space right away, so it's different from writing zeros out to where you're going to put a block. It should solve your problem, though.

 BTW, what OS can read a filesystem that supports sparse files, but not handle sparse files properly on it? Is this a common-enough case to bother doing anything more than suggesting using the pre-allocate option?
2009-03-17 20:07   
Sorry for not having answered for long time, the OS we're talking about is Vista.
I've done a research with the ntfs-3g maintainer, and he discovered that even emule switched off sparse files support in vista, maybe because of this problem
2009-06-28 14:37   
So, you could enable by default the pre-allocation on ntfs partitions.

BTW: I don't receive email when new notes are added or the bug changes status. I don't know why, this might be a bug the bug tracker.